Founded in 1993, bts Group has grown to become one of the UK’s leading utility arboriculture businesses. They provide support for utility companies across the UK and offer vegetation management and tree surgery to public and private customers, while also being a powerful principal contractor in the utility sector.

The challenge: a need for a solution that is adaptable

Bts Group teams are performing their daily jobs of maintaining vegetation growing close to overhead powerlines. They are responsible for site clearance, tree surgery and on-going vegetation management to secure powerline infrastructure and electricity distribution throughout the country.
When bts Group decided to find a partner to support their needs they focussed on finding a solution that will:

  • speed up the process of collecting relevant data on the field;
  • enabling them to make necessary changes of workflows / digital form content inhouse (no solution vendor lock-in);
  • provide insight on progress of operational work delivery.

“They delivered exactly what was agreed, exactly on time and to the price that had been agreed. In the UK this is almost unheard of. So, yes, I recommend Comland without reservation.”

Andrew Watts, bts Group

Customized solution: agility and collaboration for success

The flexibility of the MightyFields platform gave bts Group the capabilities to support all their needs. Because of the nature of their work, it is important for field teams to follow the same unified procedures and instructions if they’re to be both safe and efficient.  The customized interface, which enables easy collection and management of digital data, gave them a control and overview of over their three stage work flow, from initial surveying of electricity lines, to getting consent from the land owners and, at the final stage, perform necessary vegetation clearance. The data collected from each stage is automatically reimported as an input to the next stage. All the documents created during the stages are stored in the system automatically or sent to land owners as soon as the case is closed.

Since bts Group works with many sub-contract field teams it is important that they can enrol anyone into the system and start them working with ease. All they have to do is download the application from the online market and start working in a way that is predefined by bts Groups’ process.

Business benefits of MightyFields

Having implemented MightyFields in its daily operations bts has obtained the following business advantages:

  • Unified work of all internal teams or subcontractors;
  • Reliable data capture, which enables the preparation of detailed invoicing reports to contract parties;
  • Automated delivery of signed documents mail to landowners, as soon as the case is closed on the field.