Manual, non-digitalised dispatch workers often spend a lot of their working time on coordinating and communicating their daily schedules. The working day is full of phone calls, e-mails, messages, excel sheets and printing, which takes up a lot of valuable time. Does this sound familiar?

There is a bright side though. All this can be minimised or can almost disappear from your daily routine with the digitalisation of your dispatch and scheduling processes.

Digitalised dispatching can bring flexibility to your scheduling and can, therefore, improve the performance of your organisation. Digital scheduling and dispatch can help you to better utilise manpower while cutting costs and improving customer service. Let’s see how exactly…

Service Scheduling complexity

Field service is a dynamic environment. Field workers and dispatchers are faced with daily challenges of unplanned situations, e.g. longer-than-expected service visits, customers with urgent problems, problems with site access, customer cancellations, or unforeseen problems that can emerge at any time.

First-time fix rate, or FTF – the percentage of service issues resolved on the first visit to a customer – is something often overvalued by field service businesses. In fact, service visits often take more time than expected, the team is often not fully-equipped to deliver the service as expected, and subsequently, revenue and productivity is lower than expected.

The benefits of MightyFields Scheduler

Our MightyFields module will make your scheduling and dispatching much easier, in just a few simple steps.

With this easy-to-use module, the dispatcher firstly prepares all tasks, determining who must perform each task, and then sets time limits, if necessary.

Scheduling the work digitally, with simple drag-and-drop operations, the dispatcher will have an overview of all tasks along with their status and other relevant information about the team – e.g. team members’ pre-booked working time with other tasks, vacations or other kinds of absence, etc.

When the Schedule is prepared, dispatching work orders to the field team is done with a just click.  As simple as that.

As in any other service company, changes and urgent tasks are the only constant. What happens in these situations? The dispatcher can reschedule the tasks at any time. In case of an urgent task, the app will notify the worker involved in the task.  In cases where the workers have a critical situation that requires pre-defined actions, the digital form will guide them through the step by step process.

Improved performance with digital dispatching and scheduling

MightyFields Scheduler allows field service organisations to optimise scheduling and dispatching in such a way that they can better utilise manpower whilst cutting costs and improving customer service. Rather than dealing with scheduling and administration (filling out work orders), technicians are able to deal with customers. As field service is becoming an increasingly important competitive differentiator, every moment and every interaction represents an investment in customers and many cases, their assets.

With the implementation of the fully integrated cloud-based software solution MightyFields in your service organisation, you will achieve better business efficiency within your daily business processes.  

MightyFields Scheduler