Istrabenz plini is the leading provider of technical gases in Slovenia and is also well established in neighboring markets. They offer comprehensive solutions with gas and advanced gas technologies for both industrial and household use. 

The challenge: Collecting data in the field

Istrabenz plini have to demonstrate responsibility to their customers at thousands of sales points. The teams must always show a high degree of reliability and quality as well as agility, speed, and adaptability. 

Previously, the sales teams had to write down deviations of brand exposure at more than a thousand sales points according to a predefined procedure. They collected the data in an Excel table, to which they attached pictures. The files were periodically sent to the marketing department, which determined subsequent actions based on the data collected from the field. The process of collecting data was semi-digitalised, time-consuming and they were often delayed in receiving the data.  


Istrabenz plini manages its business operations with SAP Črtomir Ješelnik, CIO of Istrabenz plini states: “SAP certainly covers our regular needs, but it does not give us the ability to be responsive. We gained this ability with MightyFields”. 


The solution: Ad-hoc collection and real-time availability of data 

Using MightyFields, Istrabenz sales teams received a mobile application to collect data within a few hours. The marketing department now gets data collected from the field in real-time. As a result, the organisation has gained a real-time overview of sales points and can systematically manage the data with the ability to export data in Excel files at any time. 

Covering new business needs for data collection 

After some time in use, new requirements for data collection emerged. Now they also use the MightyFields platform for other important cases, such as preventative maintenance – the annual inspection of gas tanks at almost 10,000 locations. 

MightyFields enables them to respond within a few hours to any “ad hoc” need to collect data in the field, whether it is for merchandising, inventory or infrastructure conditions. 


“This is why I say that MightyFields is the kind of solution that makes an IT department famous. It helps the company and its staff to be flexible and to respond quickly to changes. And this is an important part of the mission of an IT department.”

Črtomir Ješelnik, CIO of Istrabenz plini


Business benefits of MightyFields

By using MightyFields, Istrabenz plini obtained the following business advantages: 

  •  Responsiveness to their teams’ requirements of preparing forms with customised content – the IT department can prepare new forms and add new fields easily in a matter of hours. 
  • Easy adaptation of the mobile app for new users
  • Accessibility of real-time data from the field for any ad hoc data collecting– including pictures, comments, GPS locations.
  • Saved time and cost of potential customisation of existing EPR.