digital work order

Many companies still use paper work orders, which can easily get lost, misplaced or are very time-consuming when all such forms need to be collected and brought to one point, which is usually an office.

So, we have a stack of completed paper work forms, full of data, and let’s say we need to issue an invoice and let’s also say that we have 100 forms to enter into an invoicing system. It might take days for one person to do all this work. Not to mention the potential mistakes that can waste even more time of our whole team, engaged in the process.

Now, let’s say that instead of needing to do all this data entry work, you can have all this data readily available in your office systems as soon as the original forms have been filled out on a mobile device in the field. Yes, we know this sounds great – and this can be your reality as well and you are not ever far from this reality.

Create fast, make changes on your digital work orders even faster

A work order can be created at any time, using conditional logic and the endless possibilities of field building options, which will remind you of your favourite children’s game – Lego.

The process of collecting data from the field can easily be changed in a matter of a week, while one form can be created in a matter of minutes.  Just like any changes that must be made to the document.

Get instant overview of your process

Digitalising your paper forms and data will bring a real-time overview of your business processes. You will instantly see all work orders that have been closed, but you can also always decide for them to be sent immediately to your e-mail address and notify you of this.

Integrate your precious data seamlessly

Organising forms or further analysing them as exported documents is a one-click operation and et voila – you have an Excel file that can be imported into another system. If you would like to automate the import, this can be done easily via the API button.

Use them to process repair orders, work orders, and service orders. The work order template captures customer and job information and summarises labour and materials used to complete the jobs.

Use conditional logic as guidance for your employees

Using conditional logic, drop-down menus, and other extra features, you can build smart forms and send work orders directly to your workers in the field, with no need for them to come to the office which will improve your organization’s workflows and speed up your processes.

Extra features on your digital work orders that will change the way you work

With the Mightyfields platform, you collect digital signatures of collected customer approvals. It is simple to take a photo of the work that was done or scan a barcode at the location that serves as proof of liability for the company’s work. Digital forms will also improve your credibility in the eyes of the customer as you will be up to date with all the relevant information.

MightyFields will support your way of thinking

We believe the process of data collection and field team management needs to serve you as a tool to better focus on your business goals. That is exactly why we call our clients – mighty clients. Because of their ambition to make their teams more productive and to lead their processes smoother.

Want to know more about how you can easily create forms? Watch our video on how to edit digital form.