We have published a new version of MightyFields mobile application!

We’re constantly working on improving users’ experience with our product and this time is no different.

To enable you to work even more mighty and to focus your team even more on their goals, we have enriched our mobile application with the following novelties:

#1 Find your cases effortlessly!

You will find the first novelty right after you enter the mobile app. Open cases on a mobile device now have only to statuses – “New” and “In progress”. You can now filter cases regarding the status and search through them in alphabetical order. Seamlessly!

#2 You will find the table element friendlier!

Mobile app users can now add, edit, delete and view data in the table much faster and easier. Check it out and share your experience with us!

#3 Make a phone call from MightyFields mobile app!

You can now make calls to a predetermined phone number directly from our app. A telephone extension can be added by admin, by setting the rules on an input element. Mighty!

#4 Adjust the quality of the photos to your needs!

We have added a capability to set picture resolution and compression value on file element. Friendlier to mobile users, devices and your servers!

#5 And the mightiest! Reassign your case to your colleague, from your mobile phone!

Mobile users can now reassign cases to another mobile user through mobile devices. The novelty needs to be enabled by the admin, in MightyFields Studio, for each form (in procedure advance settings).

All the novelties are available from today on in MightyFields Studio, make sure that your mobile apps are updated.

And do not hesitate to contact us in case you need help, or you have some questions for us. After all, the novelties are still… new and our support team is always happy to hear from you! Write to support@mightyfields.com and do not forget to share your positive experience also in GooglePlay or AppStore! ?