Your Guide to MightySolar

Congratulations! You have decided to explore how mighty powers could help you save time and effort in solar PV installations & team management. This page will support you on your very first steps within MightySolar – we hope it serves you well.

However, is a place to look for more mighty support – don’t hesitate to use it!

Mighty Office

You might have different roles that support your field installations – managing the process, executing quality control of fieldwork execution and client communication. Project Managers, Fieldservice Managers, Work Planners, Client Service Managers, Account Managers etc., work in the office and highly depend on the information they get from the field about the installation services.

Let’s examine how MightySolar changes daily routines and saves time and effort for your office-based teams.

About & how to access

MightySolar Office is a web app to oversee and manage solar PV plant field installations. With MightySolar Office, the office-based staff manages the process and executes quality control of fieldwork execution and client communication.

You can access MightySolar Office with the user name and password at

You have received your username and password in your inbox from our mighty support team. In case you would forget the password, please follow the link Forgot password below the login area.

Projects & stages overview

A major advantage of MightySolar is that it provides a centralized location for all your project documentation and information, which helps ensure clarity and organization.

The solar PV project is built in several stages, and with MightySolar Office, you can follow these stages for each given project. These stages are marked as follows:

  • Site visit
  • Mounting
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Deficiencies fix

Click on one of the three icons listed in the top right corner of the project list, and you will view your projects in different ways, such as a list, map, or kanban view, each with unique benefits.

Click on any of the project’s “Project Name” to access all information about the project and all the reports performed in each installation stage.

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#1 If you use any existing apps (ERP, DS, CRM) from which you would like to access the documentation from the installation sites, note that we can integrate the systems. We can define your specific needs during the Mighty Process Hack – a workshop we will perform before the onboarding. However, you might also consider starting to use the system in an agile/lean way, adding your particular needs afterwards.

#2 The benefits of each manner you can overview the projects:

  • List view lets you see all your projects in a single, organized list format and provides a quick overview of key project details, easy sorting and filtering of projects.
  • Map view visually represents your projects and their locations on a map. It is helpful when scheduling a new project for the proper installation team.
  • Kanban view provides a visual board with columns representing different stages of your projects, allowing you to track progress and identify bottlenecks easily. It allows you to easily switch between different stages/columns based on their progress and status.

Start a project

Click “New” to start a new project. You can find it in the top right corner of the project review screen.

A new tab window will appear so you can add the core information about the project to be Project information board:

  • Project Name
  • Project Location
  • Assets Used
  • Client’s or Owner’s Name

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#1 If your process contains more obligatory information about the project, note that the system is adjustable to your needs. We can define your specific needs during the Mighty Process Hack we will perform before the onboarding.

#2 And besides, if you have the information about projects available in another app (e.g. CRM or ERP), integration can be made so that projects open with one click only.

Assign & schedule tasks

With MightySolar, your installation process has been standardized. All the field workers will have the same data capture procedure (until you decide otherwise – see the text below “You might want to hear this:”). Considering this, the tasks are defined and need to be distributed to the field technicians. You know it is time to schedule a task when the “Action button” “Schedule task” appears.

Click “Schedule task” and open a MightyFields Scheduler, where you will find all your unscheduled tasks on the left-hand side. Scheduling is flexible, like all other features in MightyFields and can be done in 4 different ways. Explore these with your contact person from the MightyFields Team.

When scheduling manually, click on the task and drag it to the proper user. This is especially appropriate when you are new to the app.

When you are happy with your scheduling (you have chosen the proper technician and the time of execution), distribute the task to the field. Doing this sends the task to the mobile device, and the technician receives the notification. The task will appear in their mobile app MightyFields.

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#1 If you are in a trial period, schedule it for yourself to switch to the field technician role and test the experience of capturing the data in the field.

#2 If your process contains a different set of information you would like to capture during the installations in the field or a different process, note that the system is adjustable to your needs. We can define your specific needs during the Mighty Process Hack we will perform before the onboarding.

Client communication

Let’s see how MightySolar will affect your communication with clients.

When using MightySolar, you will instantly access all the information from the field. You can either use this information in the reports to your clients or not.

The app is designed in a way that you can:

  • define which information you would like to report to your clients from each particular stage;
  • this information can be designed in a branded .pdf report – using visuals and stylistic constants of your brand;
  • these reports can be sent to the clients afterwards by your office staff and/or by the system right after the work in the field has been accomplished;
  • the email in which your client will receive the report will also be branded – using visuals and stylistic constants of your brand and sent from your company’s email address.

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#1 Details about client reporting and communication will be defined during the Mighty Process Hack we will perform before the onboarding. Note that the system is adaptable to your needs.

#2 All client reports will instantly be available for your office team within each project stage. See Project & stages overview.

Mighty Mobile

Your field technicians, field agents, installers … perform their job seamlessly when they:

  • execute all the tasks with a high degree of quality and professionalism;
  • communicate with your internal team (support office team) promptly, openly, professionally; and
  • communicate with your client in a way that supports the preferred feel of your brand.

With MightySolar, you can affect all of the above to a certain level. Let’s see how.

About & how to access

MightySolar Mobile is a mobile app to support field technicians in their job execution and communication. With MightySolar Mobile, the field technicians access all the relevant information for their work and capture the data about the executed work.

You can access MightySolar Mobile after downloading the app from:

  • AppStore
  • GooglePlay

Every user receives their username and access to the password setup page in their inbox from our mighty support team. In case you would forget the password, please follow the link Forgot password below the login area.

View tasks & pre-visit activities

When a task is sent to a field technician, they will receive a mobile notification about the date and time of the scheduled visit to the client.

Opening the mobile app, on the first screen, the technicians will find a set of tasks delegated to them. They can see the tasks in date/time or location order, each valid for its specifics.

Swiping the task to the side, the technician can easily access the following shortcuts:

  • a telephone icon to phone the client and inform them about their visit; and
  • a navigation icon to let their preferred navigation app navigate them to the installation site.

Get prepared for the visit

Clicking on one of the tasks, the technician can access all the documentation they need to prepare for the visit.

They will access the following:

  • basic installation data – basic information about the project, assets used, assets needed to bring etc.,
  • data from previous stages – the executed work during the previous visits to this site,
  • all other documents you might find helpful for the installer – e.g. solar plant design documentation, specific instructions for new team members, specific instruction from assets manufacturers, on-face photo of the building entry etc.

Capture the data & close

The data capture must be as simple and smooth as possible for the field technician. That is why the mobile capture is designed in a way that:

  • The technician can only see the fields that they need to fill in depending on the data they have captured by then;
  • When it is possible, they do not explain and type the data to the device (they instead take a photo, edit it or choose a relevant answer from the list of possibilities);
  • Almost any kind of data capture is possible, but most appreciated by the users are photo capture/editing, bar code scanning (also with BT readers when needed), signature capture, table editing etc.

The task can be closed once all the obligatory fields have been filled in. Multiple visits to the installation sites often occur not for execution but primarily for poor data capture at the site. This feature assures you to manage your team’s efficiency and the quality of client communication.

On- and offline data capture

Once the task is on their mobile device, the technicians can use the app with or without an internet connection. All the data will also be saved to the mobile device while offline, and the data transfer to the MightySolar Office will happen once the internet connection is established.

If this is your first time using MightySolar?

Consider using it in all the roles:

  • as an office staff (managing the project, assuring the quality of field installations and client communication);
  • as a field technician (relying on the mobile app as support to the work that needs to be done in the field and capturing information about the work done); and
  • as a client (having a clear overview of services they are paying for and documents they sign on the way to installing their own power plant).

This is possible when you:

  • Start a new project for which you are the client – your name, surname, address, phone number and email address… is the client’s data; and
  • Schedule tasks to yourself as if you were a field technician – your name will appear among the users in the scheduler. Don’t worry; follow the flow presented above.

This way, you will be able to test the whole flow, including the following:

  • How the client receives automated email and PDF reports after the visit, and
  • how the field technician can call the client from the field or be guided to the location from the app.



Note that all “Action buttons” are mighty green and probably the right ones for your following action.