Boost field operations in Solar during construction & maintenance

The field service managmenet solution to support motivation of field teams through mastery and autonomy

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Empower field teams to get the job done and provide accurate data.

Track construction progress and stay on schedule

  • Record and view statuses of activities or individual assets (cables, solar tables, …)
  • Collect and transfer accurate information from the site via digital forms (checklists, audits, safety reports, …)
  • Take and mark up photos/videos of specific assets or situation
  • Auto-generate PDF reports of site visits

Improve logistics of your teams and equipment

  • Allocate the best-suited worker to the job with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Delegate work orders to your field teams with a drag-n-drop scheduling tool
  • Manage inventory and access parts availability in real-time
  • Track elapsed time to complete the task/job

Maintain infrastructure and maximize site productivity

  • Never miss a maintenance/service of an asset (scheduled or ad-hoc)
  • Make sure technicians never miss a critical checkpoint with guided digital forms
  • Create and manage tickets/incidents for the assets or situation
  • Real-time access to historical information of all the activities performed on the asset/location.

Make better decisions based on accurate data

  • Digital forms with error prevention logic
  • No-code approach for instant modification of digital forms
  • Collected data automatically synchronized and available in one central location (back-end systems)

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faster job completion

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less time spent for administration

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less errors when acquiring field data

Key MightyFields capabilities supporting your processes

Scheduling module for optimal team and equipment management with option to automatically distribute work with the help of artificial intelligence.

MightyFields forms are fully functional even when offline. Collect data in remote locations without an internet connection.

Record job specifics by taking photos or videos and automatically add it to your work orders or reports.


Capture signatures on your mobile device and have all forms and generated documents signed.

Advanced dependency and error prevention logic helps you to save time and secure data accuracy.

Track time of every job via time tracking module which automatically collects job timestamps and location data.

Start collecting data in a simplified way now!

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From decision to implementation in days

Design your work orders and documents with “least clicks” approach

“No code” design enables creating work orders & documents in matter of minutes.

Advanced dependency and error prevention logic helps you to save time and secure data accuracy.

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Rest API engine for “no code” integration with your existing  systems (for example: ERP, CRM, BI, …) with a point-and-click interface.

We also support advanced integrations with your custom services and equipment.

Get in touch and learn how MightyFields can benefit your business.

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